Monday, June 8, 2015

And Thar She Blows!!

Warm days in Washington and the basement project not looming in the background is a formula for some adventure! We are taking in some day trips this summer and exploring the great PNW. First stop: Mt. Saint Helens. I love reading about places to travel and following guide books. We stopped at a few of the recommend places along the way and it most definitely added to our day. 

The first stop was MP 22. Not Mile Marker but Mile Post.  I know, confused me too. Anyhow, this A Frame was freshly complete when the volcano erupted. The land around it is now 5 feet higher than before. This is about 20 plus miles from the actual volcano. That's how far the mud, water, and volcanic damage took place.

Mile Post 22 is also where Big Foot lives or lived if you think he died in the 1980 Volcano.

The trees along the route that have been replanted are marked by the year they were planted. Very cool site to see. We were told that Weyerhaeuser replanted 18 millions trees.

We stopped at a Forestry Informational Center that was free I might add. We had lunch and then went inside to learn about the 1980 eruption of Mt St Helens. Thank you again Mr. Guide Book.

This view was mesmerizing. At first I thought ,"Is that a fence?" but we quickly realized the trees were all the same age. Looks like a very difficult puzzle you buy someone at Christmas!

Heading back down we stopped at a trail head to explore hummocks. What's a hummock? Glad you asked. I didn't know either. Check out this website for a better understanding but it's basically a landslide and the earth from one place forms hills somewhere else.

These two are asked regularly,"Are you twins?" Of course we all know the answer but looking at this picture one understands why.

Our last stop before heading home was at Patty's Place for cobbler... also in the guide book. Delicious and a great way to end our adventure.

A fabulous day to venture out. Here's to more family adventures!

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