Thursday, June 4, 2015

Aruba's Labor Day.. A Cause for Celebration

Labor Day Aruba style is much different than ours. Almost everything is closed aaaand the King and Queen visit. This year was their 200th anniversary celebration. The people of Aruba went all out. We decided to join the fun and make our way into the city. The military brought a few ships to shore, our US Coast Guard was there, they had food vendors... yes, more food... and carnival rides for the children. We were most surprised to see the King and Queen. And the cheering. The people love the Royal family. 

Apparently everyone LOVES Frozen too.

After succumbing to the heat, we decided to head over to a restaurant for some shade and grab a cold drink.  Again... we saw the King and Queen! They were making their rounds. Granted, they were in a car. None the less, that's twice in one day.

This is our view from the restaurant. We watched car after car try to make their way down to the celebration. We were VERY glad we took a taxi and could avoid this mess.

The Police or is it Polis? Anyhow.. they had it right. Grab a bike and go.

We managed to explore more of the town and eventually hailed a taxi to head back to the resort. That evening we walked back into Palm Beach for dinner and wouldn't you know it we saw the King and Queen once again. Three times is a charm.

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