Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Family....on the Road Again

We drove all night after a moment of spontaneity to Las Vegas. My kids can't accuse me of my lack there of anymore. We hopped in the truck at 10 pm and off we went! We were exhausted by the time we reached Vegas. The truck is a great, I repeat, great vehicle but horrible to sleep in. We crashed for a few hours getting some much needed rest.
Gabe and Coya goofin' off
This is my little sister and her family. It was great seeing her after two long years! Two years tooo long.
The Three Sisters... me, Bobbie Jo, and Reginia
Best Buds ... and 1st Cousins. Josh is in on leave for two weeks before being shipped out again overseas. Oh, it's good to see family! These two go right back where they left off. Love it!
Reg and Dave are so happy for this small glimpse of time to spend with Josh. The only thing missing is Jenna Bug... We miss her!
Auntie Gaynell is recovering nicely after her operation. We made a quick stop over night in Vegas to see her.
Family time and good food! Ok.. so just family time. It was great to have all my chickies together at one table.
The Three Amigas...

So here's to Take One of our trip. It's been great seeing my family and friends too. I must say, I am sitting here blogging in the quiet of my sister's house and enjoying the solitude. The older I get the more quiet I need. I love the excitement but also need to decompress for a bit. So..I'm writing and uploading and decompressing. Ahhh... Tomorrow morning.. Our favorite donuts!

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blessedmomto8 said...

OH HOW FUN! To be spontaneous-ONE DAY LOL! When my kids are bigger! Have a FABULOUS time with your family:)