Monday, November 9, 2009

Just the Two of Us!

Our 20 years together has gone by so quickly. We love to spend time together and finally squeezed in a few nights away to enjoy the company of each other. Oh and we did just that! We talked, walked, sipped on wine, ate scrumptious food, visited a cavern, soaked in the pool, went down memory lane, ate some truffles, and enjoyed a cup of Joe in the hotel lobby NEXT DOOR. The hotel next door had some great architecture and some awesome couches. It ended all too soon and we were off, heading back home.
Ok, so the coffee story... On Thursday night we headed up the the lodge and really wanted some coffee. We hit four little towns after Loveland and not a single Starbuck's stayed open after 6pm. Can you believe it?? All these quaint mountain communities... Vail, Cooper Mountain, Avon.... not one coffee shop open!

We stayed at Glenwood Springs Lodge and Hot Springs. I have seen this place online and was really excited about exploring this part of Colorado. Terrell surprised me with a package at the lodge that included two massage treatments; a couples massage and a mineral bath. We soaked in the pool every day...ahhh. This pool is fed by natural hot springs and is so nice and toasty. I wish I had a picture of the geriatric crowd. We were laughing because it reminded us of the movie Cocoon! I was very hopeful it would help my neck and shoulders but no luck. :( The weather couldn't be better and we got enough vitamin D to add color to our skin. A little vitamin D did this gal some good!

The room we stayed in had a little sitting area outside the door. I took this shot on Friday morning and did not get another one til Saturday night. My battery died... can you believe it! We packed far more than we needed in the truck and I forgot my charger. We drove around and around looking for a camera shop. To no avail I was stuck. BUT... God always comes through on time. We went to Glenwood Caverns on Saturday and this cute family from Nebraska was there on our tour. I noticed a gal with my camera! By the end of the tour I had the courage to tell her my story and she offered to meet up with me and charge my battery! Thank you Amy!! I have some great memories now because of you.

The drive was gorgeous. A few mountains had a sprinkling of snow left from the last storm.

And no trip would be complete with out a souvenir. Yep, we are now owners of a pop-up tent trailer. We've been looking for a long time but with the Duggars Motto "Buy used, pocket the rest!" running through our mind we kept searching. This little baby was hidden away in a small but GORGEOUS mountain town and waited 20 years for us to come get her. No not really but it is a 1989 vintage. How appropriate that it was created the same time we married. Oh.. goosh goosh. I can't help but be a hopeless romantic and sentimental fool.

Time away together never gets old. I adore my husband. I love being married and if anyone asks me, I would go back and do it all over again, just as we did. 20 years and counting....


Anonymous said...

Great blog Tina!
Congratulations to you both again.

Reg said...

I love the pictures! I want a copy of the one of the little pretty! You should frame that and put it up in your house. The pool is huge! It looks to be an Olympic sized pool. How cool...a tent trailer! I've been telling Dave that I want to camp again....a tent trailer sounds nicer than a tent!

Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

So beautiful! Wonder where it reminds me of?? LOL!
Tina Marie, nice photo of the bench! Reg is right, frame that puppy and put it in your home.
Nice Tent Trailer too! That should be fun.
Glad you had a great time.

blessedmomto7 said...

HOW ROMANTIC!! And a cozy trailer to boot! Happy Anniversary!