Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My List for November and December..Take 1

So November and December go by way too fast and I feel like I miss out on some great things. So here's my list:

1. Don't eat too much sugar or yeast. I'm doing good and good merciful heavens, it needs to stay that way.

2. Make lots of pumpkin bread for friends, pastors, and the people who serve us like the garbage man. We have the BEST garbage man.

3. Get Christmas gifts early and make them meaningful. Oh yes, mail them ON TIME. That would be good.

4. Take a really great Christmas picture and actually mail it out..maybe. Stamps are so expensive!

5. Buy my girls Christmas sweaters. Ok so we freeze our little tooshies here in the winter in dresses. A sweater and jeans are fine. Really.

6. Pray with friends and laugh over Hot Cocoa.

7. Watch two movies: The Grinch (T's favorite) and Christmas Story. No Three.. also the Jimmy Stewart movie that's on everyday in December. What is that called???

8. Beg my mom and dad to come visit and bring some amazing fudge.

9. Ring the bell for the Salvation Army.

10. Feed someone in need.

11. Do something magical with my husband. I don't know, maybe take a drive in the snow on a moonlit night.

12. Go to the Christmas parade on the 16th street mall. Gotta do that.

13. Do something crafty with my kids.

14. Make sure I have the kids gifts for the "12 days of Christmas" early and send Gabe his off to CSU.

15. Christmas Carol somewhere. I love singing.

Ok. That's enough to start. I love this time of the year and just don't want to miss anything or any chance of making each day count. Gotta make it count, this life I live. Just Gotta.


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