Monday, November 30, 2009

It Does Matter

I had someone say recently that it didn't matter what other people did...that's their business.

I thought about that today. I thought, I read some stories of lives being changed, I thought some more. And guess what.. it does matter.

Tom Davis is in Ethiopia with Children's Hope Chest this week changing the world one life at a time. Orphans with no hope, find hope. With his leadership and our support children will live... it does matter.

DB is in Cambodia saving children from sex trafficking. One child at a time, reaching them, rescuing them, educating them, being Jesus to them... it does matter.

Here at home I encourage, love and invest in my kids knowing... it does matter.

If no one cared what anyone else did.. why did Jesus come?

The world is black and white. There isn't room for gray. No matter how much you want to live in the gray, it does not exist. Choices are either right or their wrong. Words either bless or they curse. Actions either lift up or tear down. We make decisions daily that DO effect the lives of other people around us. Is it showing Jesus or not? That's the bottom line.

One day you live, one day you die. What we do in between that time can change a life.

Reality Check:

What is your legacy gonna be? Are you willing to stand for what is right even through the scoffing and the pain? What's it gonna take to realize you do count? You do matter... Are you gonna make today count? You may not be in Ethiopia like Tom but you do have neighbors, you do have family, you do have co-workers, you do have roommates. If they don't know the love and forgivness God offers and you are the only Jesus they will ever hear OR see.. are you making it count?

It does matter.


Anonymous said...

Awesome blog T! Thanks for sharing.

Reg said...

Great post. Been thinking about it myself lately.