Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World Aids Day

Today is World AIDS Day. Children's HopeChest is making a difference. Tom Davis, CEO of Hope Chest is in Ethiopia this week raising awareness for US and support for the orphan. You can join in and make today count.

Here is a note from Tom today:

In the African nations where we work, there is a generation of AIDS orphans left behind. It fuels not only extreme poverty, but child abuse and sexual abuse of the worst kind.

In Russia, AIDS grows by the day, often helped along by sex trafficking of young girls from our orphanages. Fortunately we can and are doing something in both cases.

On World AIDS Day, I just wanted to encourage you with two thoughts that I hope you'll pass along to your online friends through Facebook and Twitter. Or just repost this entire message...

1. HopeChest is protecting over 1,000 Russian orphans from sex trafficking and crime throughout our Ministry Center, Family Center, and Independent Living Center programs.

2. HopeChest is rescuing 10,000 orphans from extreme poverty by supporting feeding programs, health and education initiatives, and Christian discipleship throughout Ethiopia, Uganda, and Swaziland.

In those places, there is no sex trafficking or extreme poverty. We are making a difference.

One of the ways that happens is through an initiative called 5 for 50 (http://www.5for50.com).

This is a small way that just $5 can make a difference for someone who has been impacted by AIDS--particularly orphans in Africa.

Go to http://www.5for50.com to find out more about the 5 simple ways that YOU can make a difference in the global AIDS crisis.

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