Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Little Christmas Cheer

This year I boycotted Christmas cards. Whoever reads this here ol' blog gets more updates than you really need in one year anyhow, right?
So here's a little CHRISTmas hello from me to you! We are loving having all the kids under one roof and I still don't know why we quit having kids! The house is emptying out too quickly and I am feeling VERY melancholy over the whole darn thing. The time off with Terrell is well needed and hopefully after the hub bub of Christmas and the excitement of the presents is over we can go on a couple of dates together. We have a few more fun times ahead and I'll be sure to keep ya'll updated right here. Oooh.. doesn't that just make you so happy to have more on our little family to read!
May you find the Joy and Peace only Jesus can bring this Christmas season!
Merry Christmas.


Auntie Gina said...

This was so the picture. Merry Christmas and we will talk soon! Love you all!

Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

Beautiful Picture!
Merry Christmas Ya All!

Uncle Dan also says Hi!