Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Mystery Tree

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree... Where art thou?

Could you be at the local tree farm? After walking around in 11 degree weather on the few small acres and seeing Charlie Brown's Big Brother way too many times we said... ehhh... Let's go to Home Depot.

Not much here to look at.

But then the decision of who was gonna tell the Tree Farm owners we thought their trees were well, ugly. T suggested the girls Ro-Sham-Bo!
Boo lost. Off she went to return the saw and run like crazy to the truck. She was very polite and never said anything. Saved.

We were off to The Depot to grab a pretty tree from Oregon none the less. Yep, we live in Colorado... pine country, and went to get a tree from Oregon!

Quickly we run in to find the perfect tree. Ahhh. Home Depot.
What? They're almost gone! Ok, so I'm freezing. Let just get a tree already.

Becca and Boo were please but obviously Lina wasn't so excited. No trudging through the snow, No Hot Cocoa, just the Home Depot Guy. We wanted to see the tree so we kindly asked him to open the tree. He took off the twine as well as cut many of the branches as he made his way up the tree and that tree wasn't budging. FROZEN solid! Ok then. So I turned to the only tree next to it and said,"We'll take this one." Home we went with our mystery tree. NEVER have we bought a tree sight unseen. We were cold and ready to get home. Hey... the Broncos were on.
We brought the tree in and carefully took off the twine. Yep. Frozen solid.

We started feeling somewhat optimistic a few hours later. It was thawing out. Taking shape.

What do you know??? It's a pretty tree! Almost thawed and pleasantly shaped. Yeah.. the mystery tree is a winner! Tomorrow we will put on the beautiful NON-twinkly lights (They make me nervous following them twinkle) and all the ornaments. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


Joanna said...

That's a great story! It's so pretty though - you lucked out with Mystery Tree! Maybe we all should try the spin and point method next year. :)
PS please take that picture of me off the side of the blog - OR post a disclaimer that says I was overdue for having a child!!! :) Let's update with a new fun pic from next Sat!

Reg said...

Dave and I both laughed hysterically when we saw the picture of your "mystery" tree. So glad it turned out to be a good one and now you have a great story to tell too! Love the picture at the top of your pretty...sigh.