Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Soul City Church

Hey all...

I know there aren't many who follow this here ol' simpleton blog BUT it only takes one to spread the word! Our friends are getting excited about moving to the city of Chicago and following God's bigger plan for their life by church planting. They are in the early stages which means funds are needed to get started. They did NOT ask me to plug their church BUT I believe in them. So here are the links.... check them out yourself and pray about giving to a ministry worth giving to. I know.. you already give to so many.. that's okay.. They would take a one time gift this month. Don't go to Mccy D's or Starbuck's a few times and give to them instead. We are the hands and feet of Jesus. Can you help?

Whittaker Family Speaks about Soul City

Help Soul City Church HERE

Thanks all! Happy New Year!

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You are so great! Thank you! H