Friday, December 18, 2009

Gabe's New Wheels

God works in different ways, ya know? God was working upstream on our son's behalf when we went looking for a truck for him. We had one idea, He had another idea. He being God. While we were looking at a pick-up this week in a little town outside of CS, T's sister went for a brief walk with Lina. She came up to us after we test drove the pick-up and said,"Hey.. there's a ForeRunner over here around the corner at the carwash for sale. Want to check it out?" So we walked over to check it out. After some chatting and some driving, we were sold. So here we have this great old-new truck for our son. Now the fun part.... We knew it had a nice stereo and told him,"Hey it has a nice stereo!" He came home last night from campus and was officially handed the keys. After checkin' out his truck he realized IT HAS A REALLY NICE STEREO. Subs included. We were rockin and boppin as he showed us what it could really do. Isn't that cool? The one thing he really wanted was some subs and we didn't even know it had them! Now to keep earplugs in my pocket when I ride with him.
God is in the details of life.

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