Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I miss some things from my California life.... I miss the deep friendships that run so deep it's not hard. We've been here two years now and we have some fantastic friends.Really genuine. We all have common interest like God, and homeschooling, teenagers, and college applications, food, of course coffee.. it is cold here ya know, and the big one, being transplanted from somewhere else. You get it. But still it has yet to run deep. Sometimes it does. Other times there isn't time for it. Could be the place we all find ourselves though; the teenage years are really the busiest and really close to being the best years. It's hard to miss out on any of it. Plus our age.. we're tired by 8 pm and ready to be home with the kids. Not that we're OLD, cause we're not, we're....... hormonally..... challenged, that's all. AND we are married. The husband is top priority after God for goodness sakes. So... friends. My friends here are sweet kind souls. These here pictures are from a "Let's get together before all the CrAzYnEsS" Christmas Party.


Krissy said...

Love and miss you Tina. I will try and call soon...well, maybe after the holiday. :)

Reg said...

It is hard to replace long standing friendships and we don't really ever replace them, but isn't it wonderful that in Christ we can find common ground with new friends too. I'm so glad you are finding new friendships and you are so genuine yourself that it won't be long till they feel like old friends! :) Hugs