Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Parenting 101: Hello?

Me: Glancing over at the clock...12:45am or is that 1:45am? "Hello."

Gabe: " Hi Mom..sorry to wake you..is Dad there?" in his best cheerful voice.

Me: " Terrell....Gabe's on the phone."

Terrell: " Hey Son. uh huh. Not sure if you should call the police. Has he called his parents. Uh huh. ....Uh huh. Mmm. How are you getting back? Ok.. text me as soon as you know."

Me: "Is he okay?"

Terrell: " Yeah. They're in the hills and Drew's truck is down an embankment. Roads are icy. They're walking down a road trying to get a ride home. He's gonna text us."

Me: Quiet. Stomach aches. Adrenaline going. Glad he called. No ones hurt. It's late. It's cold. Who's picking him up? How far? What hills?

long pause.........

Terrell: " You awake?"

Me: "Yes...praying."

Terrell: "Me too. Let's pray together."

long pause................

Text comes in finally.... Gabe: "I'm back."

Terrell: texts back " Don't go get the truck tonight. Go in the morning."

Gabe: "Planned on it."

He's safe. I can go back to sleep. Stomach still aches.

Woke up this morning realizing our son STILL calls us. So thankful he knows he can no matter what. No matter what. Also realized how glad I was to hear his voice and not a police officer. Gabe is away at college 2 hours from here. We pray daily...many times for him... and last night was reminder of so many things...Trust. Prayer. Winter icy Scariness. Terrell is always calm. Wisdom. Guidance. Thankful. Oh so Thankful.

This may not be our last middle of the night phone call but I'm here to say... Glad it's us he's calling instead of someone else. I always hate it when it happens, don't sleep much after that, but our kids know that they can count on us and no matter what... we're here.

Go hug your kids!


Anonymous said...

Tina, so glad they are both OK!

blessedmomto7 said...

How awesome that he called you! Glad all turned out okay friend-you must have been worried sick!