Monday, August 9, 2010

Guatemala: San Juan and San Pablo

This is the Church Courtyard, yep... you heard me right, their courtyard.
Well.. we went down the mountain to the community of San Juan to stay for the night before ehading over to Panachel for debriefing. We had ministry at San Pablo that afternoon. It was hot, the kids at the church were more aggressive and our team was tired. In Guatemala there are 23 Mayan languages and Spanish as the country language. In San Pablo, every word from the skit, music, drama, and Bible verse was translated twice! First into Spanish and then into another language. We pulled it off though and as tough as it was, I really enjoyed it. The kids at the church needed love and structure and from what I saw they were the same as any other latch key kid but dealing with worse conditions. We were all glad, however, to go back to our hotel and then to a nice pizza dinner that night.

I wonder what the kids in San Pablo ate?

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