Monday, August 2, 2010

Guatemala ... What a Trip!

Well, we're off! We got up at 3 o'ugly to make it to our flight on time. After meeting up at the church we caravan ed to the Denver airport. There was a great excitement amongst all of us! We were anxious about the work God was about to do. Would it be hard? Would we only eat beans and rice? Would we be visiting the outhouse more than we hoped? So many things unanswered but none the less the crew was ready and most importantly, willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

After many hours flying and making it through customs (a little stressful I might add for the first timers. Umm, ME!), we met up with Nell and Kyle and this oh so fun bus. Nell and Kyle were THE best leaders we could ask for. They lived in Guatemala and knew just how to get us accustomed slowly to hard times and then to slowly bring us back to our normal. More on them later...

Yep... we crammed, smashed, and shoved a weeks worth of clothing in these packs. And our sleeping bag. And our mat we laid on. Oh yes we did.... I can NOT believe I did that and SURVIVED!

First stop: Antigua. We had a round of the Amazing Race with the team, going up and down the streets with no map in their hand, forcing the kids to speak Spanish and jump in with both feet into the culture. It took awhile for the kids to grab hold of the experience; some felt anxious and out of control, some felt challenged, most felt frustrated. This exercise gave us all a glimpse of mission work on foreign soil. A glimpse, only a glimpse, I must say. I can only begin to imagine the reality of living someplace full time and trying so hard to learn and adapt to "their" way of life.

The day finished off at Pollo Comparo (So I think it is spelled. Probably not though. Hey.. I took German, remember?). Anyhow, it's the Chick-Fila of Guatemala. Ya, you can tell by the picture, we're getting a.lit-tle.punchy by now. It was time to crash and get ready for the loooooooong bus ride in the morning.
Day 1. Done.

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