Friday, August 20, 2010

To College We Go!

Here we go.. sending off our 2nd child to college. I knew when I had my kids it was only for a short time and I also knew the whole time I was raising them up it was for a bigger purpose of serving God in this world somehow. I also know I cherished every moment I had since it was only a short stint I got to keep them close to me. So the time has come for us to send off Rebecca and I surely thought I was ready. Uh Huh. Right.

Rebecca packed and packed and packed. She never counted her shoes as they went into the box!
We stayed in a hotel in Fulton to be close to the campus.
This spider also wanted to be close to campus. We weren't so happy it joined us.
Sister love! What will they do without her!

A tradition William Woods does each year is to have the incoming class walk across the bridge of Senior Lake. They walk as they come in and the day of graduation they walk back over as a sign of being complete.
We threw all her things to the curb and TONS of people came out to help get it to her room. We were warmly welcomed!
And a final good bye picture. Wow.. she is a big girl now and I'm not sure how that happen.
I think she will do mighty fine! We love you Becca!

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blessedmomto8 said...

How exciting! She looks SO HAPPY!