Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time for Some Verbal Processing

Well.... It's August 26 and I am busy. That's the word that comes to mind... busy. You know, I have tried my darnedest to eliminate this year to simplify even more. I don't know what to do other than wait, hold out for hope that the BUSY will become less BUSY by January. I think I'll make a paper chain counting off the days 'til then.

My List of BUSY

1. Run Boo back and forth to class at the local JC daily
2. Homeschool Lina
3. Run Lina to Vball practice daily (that's close by)
4. Work
5. My classes start up this weekend and I just checked what's required. Oh my goodness. Can not wait until December when I graduate. That will be on less BUSY.
6. Stay connected to the husband. Shouldn't that be number 1?
7. Keep up with the kids away from home.
8. Clean
9. Cook. That's funny just writing it.
10. Oh yes.. oversee painting projects the girls took on. That's a mental busy.
11. Birthdays
12. Somehow workout
13. Somehow figure out how to get my youthful look back. Short of moving to Cali I am doomed here. Doomed I tell you. This dry weather has about added 10 years on me.
14. Make reservations for the children to come home for Christmas
15. The list goes on....

I am tired already thinking about it and my silly neck is creating an issue which I am sure is poor sleep, no Chiropractic care, and stress.

I, for some reason, thought that getting older meant slower. Nope. It means having to write everything down so you don't forget what you are supposed to get done. Ha!

I am on Vitamin D. Maybe that will help.

On a different note... the weather is changing already and I am getting a little.bit.nervous already. I really hope this change is a blip on the radar.

Did someone just say vacation?

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tiger said...

You MUST be BUSY if its already August 26th where you live. Over here its still the 25th. :-)