Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Guatemala: The Village Up High

The day we left for Paquip I knew I was entering a new world. Would I eat good yummy food? Probably not. Would I be able to remember not to drink the water? Oh, sure hope so. I knew there were no showers and we were sleeping on the floor but what I experienced was far more than a discomfort physically. What I experienced was a discomfort of my soul. How does that feel? How can I explain the awareness of my soul feeling awkward, uncomfortable? To me it is looking at this sweet face hugging my own child and wondering if she will grow up. Will she have food? Will she have shelter? Will she be protected? Will she have to work at 10 or 11 years old just so her family can make it daily? Will she know Jesus loves her more than anyone else can? What's gonna happen to her? My daughter has it made; a bed, clean water, a flushing toilet, an education, a pantry full of food. Simple facts we all have really. But for this sweet face.... will she, will she? That's my soul aching, feeling uncomfortable. And it should. By all means, I should feel uncomfortable. We all should.

Now what to do with this feeling.

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