Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

My girls are always hearing me ask for one of their scarves. Not any more! Thank you so much for my own stash!
And being the year of the scarf.... T got his own fair share too.

Becca is privileged to have her own dorm room this spring so we thought she would appreciate a TV for some down time or party time!

T has wanted to get Gabe started on his lifetime tool collection. Our men all work with their hands whether it's cars or building playhouses or honey-do's. We found car tools, hand tools, whatever tools and a chest to get him started. He knows what he's getting for the next 10 years!

Lina has been asking for a remote with a stereo so she can turn on her Odyssey's at night as well as listen to her ipod. Check. And Boo was ready for her own electric acoustic guitar. She has been using my brother's for two years and now can sing to her hearts content anywhere and everywhere.

This year was marked by change, that's for sure. Kids grown up and parents feeling it. Grown up kids means grown up gifts. No more dolls and games like we used to see. No more model cars and jewelry boxes for little girls. No more screams cause Santa's arrived. When did this happen? I keep asking myself this and I just can't grab ahold of the time machine. Our children are truly becoming who God intends and created them to be. I feel so blessed to have my children. One day this room will be filled with their children. I think I will be ready to buy dolls and trucks again.
Merry Christmas!

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