Sunday, December 12, 2010

Man that's a BIG Tree

The "getting of the Christmas tree" is a tradition in our home that carries a lot of weight. It is a BIGGIE. It started off in the early days that I HAD to have it December 1st. We kept that up for many of our married years but as time has its way, that has changed. Now, it's which weekend are we all together. Check calendars, pick a day, make a plan. With two kids off at college, it's hard to find an opportune time. This year we were so excited about cutting it down in the forest. Oh I couldn't wait. Becca came home last Friday and the next morning we planned to find our very own forest tree. Best laid plans didn't quite happen. We were all ready to go and then realized Becca was sick. So, Plan B went into action. Becca was all better by today and we headed off to the local tree lot to find our very own tree. Not exactly the forest but that's okay. We were picking it together.

After walking around, finding trees in our price range, we found our special tree! There were so many beautiful trees to choose from. That was another fear of mine being so late in the game.
Oh this tree is HUGE. We knew is was beautiful and smelled great but didn't realize how LARGE it really was... and heavy (so I'm told).

Gabe wasn't here to help out this year, so in honor of him, we took a picture of his special ornament, Big Blue. Since the kids were little, they would put their own meaningful ornaments on the tree. Gabe loved Big Blue and it always had to be on the top of the tree. So there you go Gabe!
Ta Da! It's a beautiful tree. Now it truly feels like Christmas.

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