Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Hopes!

2011... so much to hope for, plan on, and strive to accomplish.
Here's my list:
1. Bible Study. I want to get involved in a study with other women. I want to be stretched again.
2. Marathon. October 2011 in Denver. Yep. This 43 year young body needs some attention now that school is done. I'm gonna switch my energy and focus to training for the big day in October.
3. Meal Planning. I want to make it one whole calendar year meal planning and cost cutting our food budget.
4. Job. I want to excel more in this area. No clue how just yet.
5. Home. I want to see some of our long term goals accomplished. Deck project, new fireplace, new stove. Okay.. maybe just the deck this year.
6. Camping. Mt. Rushmore for sure!
7. Read for pleasure...finally no more text books.
8. Finances. Strive to reach our goals here. College bills, pay off mortgage, you get the idea. Baby Steps.
9. Marriage. I want to invest more time doing what I used to do.. plan fun surprises for my husband. He deserves it.
10. Children. I want to invest in my kiddos through prayer and words of encouragement in 2011.
God has a plan for me this year. Now to watch Him unfold it, put my effort forth and walk by faith daily. I'm feelin' good about 2011!

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