Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mom's Christmas Treasure

This Christmas is a year for me to mark in my mind for a number of reasons. Graduation from college, a spa for the family, my kids are all coming together for Christmas, family photos, and these beautiful dishes from my momma. I am one sentimental ol' gal and to see the dishes my mom used for years, now mine to use and placed on this, um... "hutch"... makes me smile. A new tradition has begun with my kids. I will eventually be the grandma with the Christmas dishes but for now I am the momma with the Christmas dishes.

Funny thing is I remember Mom receiving these from Dad. I can see the room that Christmas morning so long ago clearly in my mind. I see the tree, the couches, the table and chairs, the fireplace, all of it. He bought her two complete sets of new dishes one year for Christmas. These charmers and her everyday dishes. He was so excited to have her open box after box. And when they were brought into my home, I had the same privilege... box after box.

Thank you Dad and Thank you Mom. I will take good care of them and use them with love.

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