Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Dog's Life

Angelina had an assignment in Literature that consisted of reading a book and various options to express the book to your class. The option she chose this time was a diorama. My sweet artistic child spent HOURS coming up with this design. She printed pictures off the Internet and shrunk them to just the right size. She thought of cutting wood for her shed so her daddy gladly took down the saw and cut her some wood pieces and she carefully glued in the pine needles to the base to make the appearance of straw. She thought out each little piece and it showed. So here's the kicker... what did her teacher say? She said,"Next time make sure your diorama stays together." and proceeded to take off points. The part of the story Lina's teacher is missing is that she brought it, all her school books, lunch, and her soccer bag to school on a windy day. She came home and said," I didn't have time to set it back up so parts of it are falling over." The next day she had to present and still had no time to reset all the pieces back in place. Oh well.. She did get an A but a few kuddos goes a long way.

Maybe I'll send this post to her teacher.

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