Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A No Good Very Bad Day

Yes, today was one of those.....

No Good

Very Bad


Why you ask? Oh do let me share.

Back talk.

Second, third and fourth time if I'm lucky obedience.

Grumble and complain about 30 math problems for homework. Grant it, thats' ALL the homework they have mostly Ev-er!

Wiggle and whine during a one hour 1st grade recital. I had to give the "proper recital behavior" speech to a bunch of 10 and 11 year olds.

Questioning every little decision. Oh yes. That went over well.

Can I move my desk NOOOOOOOOW?? one too many times.

Giggle and stare in an unforgiving way. That's lovely character, don't ya think?

And so the kids received my," I think we will be writing and reading silently for awhile." This happens in school. I know it all too well but Monday went so well. I was prepared for another marvelous day. How did they crumble into THAT so fast? Before they left class today, we had another little talk. It may have sounded more like Charley Brown to them," Wa wa Wa wa waaa waaa."

Oh boy Wednesday.. prove me right. Bring back my class of darling, encouraging chicklins.


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