Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy 21st Birthday Gabe!

Oh where to begin.... this picture is a story all unto itself.

In January, T and I decided to go to Cali to celebrate Gabe's 21st birthday over spring break. We could take him to dinner, enjoy the beach, and get out of dodge for a bit. Well, plans change and sure enough God's plans are bigger than ours so flexibility has become key in this journey of raising children. Gabriel is home now finishing school and working full time. It has been wonderful really. He's full of joy and we love watching his new adventure unfold. This didn't change the fact that I wanted (more like NEEDED) out of dodge for a bit though.

Thank you for asking, it was a great mini va-ca.

With all this planning, we still knew celebrating with Gabe on this milestone day was on our short list. We planned our flights, came home,  got unpacked, showered, called him about where to go eat and waited.

and waited.

See, he is working on a production this week called Thorn. It is a traveling production about the life of Christ. It involves lights, special effects, actors, sound tech, you name it. First Class the whole way. And in production, you finish when you finish. The clock isn't your master.

Finally, we had a plan. BJ's it is and by the way... the crew is coming too.

We hug our boy, sit down and slowly the crew shows up. A little bit of conversation later and we realize he has NEVER met the guy at the other end of the table. He barely knows a few of the other folk at that end of the table. They're from all over the country, coming here to work this week on Thorn. Oh laugh with me. I did.

Never in my mind when I planned this day out some 21 years ago, did it involve sitting a table with folk who didn't even know it was my boy's birthday.We had a good meal and our end of the table had good conversation.

The adventure never ends really. Just another chapter in life with a bit of humor thrown in for good measure. Gabe's real celebration takes place this weekend in case you were wondering. We have plenty of surprises in store for him.

Happy Birthday Gabe!

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