Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 14th, 2012 : Pi Day and Foot Day

Today started off well. I had coffee, got to wear casual clothes for Pi day, and ventured out for a check up on my foot. In the past two weeks my toe joint foot thing-pain has been coming back for a visit. Happily, I was able to get in this morning to see my doctor. He re-examined  the foot. Oww! He gave me a speech. Uh Huh. And finally I got a nice Cortisone shot in the joint. I do hope it last for months so I can train hard as the marathon approaches. I did leave feeling a bit dejected when he said I can only have three shots a year. I keep thinking, this is a band-aid, not a permanent fix. He did say if it doesn't improve there is a surgical option. Darn. Really? If my memory serves me well, this is the same toe I broke in high school. What is it with this foot?

So off I scurried back to work and finished my day. We celebrated Pi day today and it was very entertaining.  Our 5th and 6th graders have matching shirts that are way too cute! We rotated between the classes learning about Pi and we feasted on ROUND food. The kids loved it and it was a great way to end TCAP testing which was the last two weeks, thank you very much!

All's well that ends well. Speaking of ending well... I wish you could see my classroom! I should have taken a picture. Boo stayed after school today so I could finally get my History timeline up as well as our Civil War posters up. I was thankful for the help; my hours are long already. I'll post some pictures soon. It's sooo cute! We grabbed some paper chains that were being thrown out and now have a count down until the last day of school.. MAY 24th! But who's counting?

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