Sunday, July 17, 2011

Deck Project: Framing and Sanding

We're dirty and HOT!

Step 100...okay it felt like step 100, is framing and then sanding. Framing was a great step in getting an idea of the size of our new extension. It looks great and we passed inspection this morning. Now sanding the original deck was a long time a comin'. We thought about turning the wood planks over and tried many, MANY, options to accomplish this BUT no avail. So, we rented a sander and hoped for the best. To our oh so pleasant surprise, it worked! The previous owner painted, yes you read right, PAINTED the beautiful redwood every single year. And so the paint was thick and stubborn. We worked and worked and WA LA! There is some final sanding still yet to do but the big part is done. What a relief. Next out the other side with redwood and sand the railings. This will be a very nice place for our family to hang out when it's done.

I think we are all ready for it to be done.

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