Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Summer Morning in Colorado

Our summer mornings are sweet to me. The birds sing, the breeze is gentle, the smell of the rain from the night before still lingers. It's magical. We have had such wonderful thunderstorms this month; a much needed rain for our state. The clouds begin to roll in early afternoon and by dinnertime the rain is falling and the lightning is booming. It comes and goes as the clouds move by. Some storms are longer than others but what is left behind is wonderful... sweet air, cool nights, and a feeling of simplicity. It's hard for me to do anything in the mornings cause all I want to do is sit outside and soak up the air and sounds. The squirrels are talking to each other and our dog Charley, the MagPies are mad at something and sharing it with the world, and the doves are farther in the background cooing. I have about 8 more weeks before we our weather turns cooler. I'm lovin' me some Colorado Summertime!

Tea anyone?

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