Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Project Number 2: Deck Redo-Addition

The Summer 2011 Deck Project begins! After months of evaluating, measuring,discussing, drawing plans, getting permits, and doing a little more planning, we were off and running. Okay not so much running. It's a slow tedious process. More so than we anticipated. Let me just say, AGAIN, Terrell has taught his children well and they are so capable! We are blessed by their helpful ways and time given towards the family projects this summer.

Gabe is taking off the railing so we can get to diggin'.

And digging and digging and digging.

So this was a very SAD discovery when we took off the railing. Rot. An extra little step will be happening now that this has been discovered.

T is teaching the girls about this new tool. New to them at least. Such good learners!

DAY 2: Digging the Big Holes.

We rented this big ol' machine to dig 8 holes at 30 inches each. It took some work and all the kids to get this done. I am so glad we had this handy dandy thing instead of Buffy, Jody and a shovel. That would have taken for-ever!

I made them stop and pose... I just had to!

A little playtime added in to the hard work. :) Oh sister love.

When he's busy, forget getting him to smile. He's focused.

And yet another hole.

By the end of the day, we needed these holes cleaned out to make correct measurements. Well, shop vacs do all things.. even suck out holes.

And lastly, while digging all these holes we ran into our sprinkler lines. Well, we either delayed the project or re-did the lines. Re-doing the lines was a better choice. We only had the hole digger for four hours. Time was tickin' away.. tick, tick, tickin away. And yet another part to the project not planned.

Shoo. We are a tired crew. T is out there still pounding away. This deck will be splendid and a very nice addition to our home. Come August 1st, we'd like you to come over for some ice tea and take a sit with us. We will be ready by then to sit.

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teters4 said...

We are definitely talking summer vacation at your house next year!