Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trains and Chocolate Cake

Did you know that Cripple Creek was in the running for our state capital? Yeah, me neither. During its prime, it was the 2nd biggest city in Colorado. Also learned the Red Light District began or became known here. Why you ask? Well, the men who worked for the train had to have red lanterns hanging outside their door. If the train had to suddenly leave, the conductor knocked on the doors with red lanterns. It then went from this to houses with madams on the same street. Hence, the Red Light District. Interesting, huh? One more piece of trivia.. Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman, is buried here. Yep. I learned quite a bit today!

The views were amazing and we had a chacne to learn quite a bit about the area. Gold and more Gold!

This old place was a part of the first city here called Anaconda. This belonged to a blacksmith and he ran his business out of it.

Happy Birthday Dad T!

This week we have the pleasure of T's folk's visiting. We planned a B'day Cake Celebration for Dad T, chocolate..his favorite, and a fun train ride through Cripple Creek. Angelina made a wonderful cake for her grandpa and the weather held out for a great day away. Today was a pleasure for all of us. After a wonderful day away we came home to cool breezes and BBQ. What more could we ask for?

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