Saturday, July 9, 2011

There Are Some things You Just Hafta Have!

Pappy's Seasoning has been a part of this family since we married. We always have it in our cupboard, always will. We first discovered it when my sister found it at our local meat market in Fresno. Yes, we went to an actual meat market called The Fresno Meat Market. How's that for creativity? Anyhew.. we ran out. We searched here in Colorado. No luck. Amazon sold it but for 3x's the price in Fresno. Although I wish my sister to be HERE not THERE, this one time I will be thankful for her THERE. She went down and mailed our stash to us. We're stocked up for a while now. Thanks Reg!

So what per-say do we use this amazing seasoning for? Well let me tell you...

1. Hamburgers
2. Tri-Tip (only thing we love on it)
3. Any other meat you want!

Pappy's and nothing else!

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