Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hair by Beth

She had never had bangs. How fun for her!
Beth and Boo. Two Elizabeths!

Lina had a cool twist done. Turned out cute!!!!
The onlookers...
Check out those locks. It is beau. ti. ful!
So my cousin Beth (married to my first cousin David) is a great stylist (and hostess and Mom, and conversationalist, and sweet, sweet, sweet!) and to my amazement offered to cut and play with our hair! She trimmed up Gabe, me, and the girls, T got cleaned up too via the handy dandy trimmers to his brow line and neck line.What a blessing to have a clean look for the rest of vacation. The girls thought it was the bomb to have a few layers or bangs put in. Talk about a souvenir! She has this very cool shop in her home and the sink was a huge hit for the girls to wash their hair in. The girls got very attached to this sweet women and by the time we left she was no longer Beth but PROMOTED to Aunt Beth! SCOOOORE!


blessedmomto7 said...

How fun is that! What a promotion for Beth-awesome!

Reg said...

Oh so fun! She is quite a lady...David got a good one.

Amanda said...

I will be in your neck of the woods next week to hang out with JO and the fam. but mini Cooper is staying behind. I am getting a little mommy vacation before baby #2 arrives! Hope to see you guys while I'm in town.