Friday, June 12, 2009


Our family was very excited about visiting Kentucky as a part of our vacation. We had a chance to see Owensboro and Louisville. My family is in Louisville and T's dad grew up in Owensboro. There is so much history in Owensboro for the T........ side of the family.

This is Aunt Ruby with our family. She is the eldest relative at 88 and very spunky. drives really fast and full of family information!
We went to the family grave yard where T's grandfather is buried. T's dad grew up down the street from here.

This is the church in front of the graveyard. T's dad went here as a small boy.
This is the Green River. The family property is to the left in the photo. This land is where T's dad was born. T's dad sold it many years back. All that is left of the family land is what Aunt Ruby owns now. There were hundreds of acres in the family.. beautiful land. The amazing part of this story is that the person who bought all this land did so back during or right after the civil war era. It was really cool to be on the land T's dad played and grew up on.


Anonymous said...

Family History - Awesome! What a great trip!

Reg said...

O.k. somehow I missed these pictures. Very cool for all of you to see all that family history. Love the church.