Sunday, June 7, 2009

Memphis... Day 2

This picture of Lina and I was taken in the Peabody Hotel. This is the place with the resident ducks. They march down every morning and hang out in the fountain.
Beale Street
Gabe ALWAYS gets his sisters good~
I know... I haven't blogged... but I've been a little bit busy! So here is Memphis, part 1. We drove and drove some more. I was watching the clock and realizing we were off on our timing. What is it with Thruston Time? We were two hours late picking up Becca and the Momma Bear in me was going crazy!


Anonymous said...

Aren't we all thankful for cell phones! I'm sure Becca was doing fine but happy to see you! : )
Thanks for sharing your vacation with us.

blessedmomto7 said...

Looks like you are having/had a FABULOUS time! Everyone is glowing with happiness-that rocks!

Reg said...

Looks like fun! You all look happy just to be together. Hope you are enjoying your time. Swim for's still in the 80's here! Yea! 100 + soon enough. Tee Hee

Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

Hey... did you stop by Amy's and tell her hi for me? Hee Hee!

Fun pics,especially the one of you and Mr. T. Sweet shot.
How hot is it?
So nice to see Becca when she was here. She is a beautiful young woman, I know you're very proud of her.
Have fun!