Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vacation: Day 1... Kansas and Oklahoma!

Do you ever wonder what's in Kansas? Well, I can tell you! Flat ground, blue skies, farms, universities, did I say flat ground? And why is Arkansas pronounced Ar Kan Saw? not Ar Kansas? Do you sing the O.k.l.a.h.o.m.a. Oklahoma okay! song when you say that name or is it only me?

The truck is loaded and ready. We are on time and ready to roll!
We went from Colorado to Kansas, looked for Toto but never found him and realized just how flat a state can be.. We did see this and more of this.When we got hungry we pulled into a tiny no nothing town and found some shade in front of a cute house, ate on their curb and enjoyed the breeze. Ahhhh.

We passed the time talking and taking pictures of each other in the car. The kids could not wait to try out the DVD system too.Well, my sweet man was determined to train so we dropped him off in Hays, Kansas so he could ride. And ride he did.We found a university, checked it out, had ice cream, felt guilty for eating it, and still he was riding. Finally we went down the road to catch up to Stinky Boy. The kids called him that since he couldn't shower until we got into Oklahoma.
The bridge at Hays University.

Victory is sweet and 40 miles later we picked up a cyclist who happen to be on vacation. What a man.

We stayed in Tulsa the first night and couldn't wait to get started on Day 2.

If you smart and you can count, you see there are only three kiddos present. That's the hurry for Day 2. Becca was flyin' in from Cali to meet us in Memphis. She was on her own little vacation with her cousin. Stay tuned... Memphis is next.


Joanna said...

Love it! SO glad you are documenting this trip with pictures. Glad to see Kansas hasn't changed a bit since we drove through. Still nice and flat. :)
BTW Robby let Charley out to go potty at 11:15 tonight before we went to bed, and she took off! We had to go driving through the neighborhood to find her. Finally found her and stuck her in our car. We were shining flashlights and calling "Charley!" all through your neighborhood at almost if your neighbors complain...that's why. :)
ANYWAY can't wait to see Memphis!

blessedmomto7 said...

SO CLOSE-yet so far away!

Reg said...

Great to see pictures of your trip! I love the a postcard...very quaint. Hurry and post more! We had fun reading Heather's blog about your visit with her too. It was weird to see you all on her blog...almost like "hey! I know those people and they are on her blog!"

Smithlings said...

Glad to finally see some pics from the road trip... Looks as if y'all are having fun. The new rig looks comfy!

Get more photos posted soon!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, when I was in Kansas just a few sort weeks ago I was commenting how there are hills in that state! haha. Maybe just where Sean lives and maybe only a couple of hills. HAHA! Did you see all the sunflowers or is it too early? You know Kansas is the sunflower state. When Meg and I drove from Kansas to Colorado to see you we saw hundreds of acres of sunflowers in bloom. I couldn't take a picture since I was driving on the freeway! haha.
So glad you are having fun.

Anonymous said...

That was Cynthia- sorry.

whittakerwoman said...

I can't wait to see the trip in pictures! H