Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Louisville... Family

Cousin Patsy
Uncle Walty and Gabe... card tricks
Cousin Beth and her famous Margaritas!
Cousin Dawn...
The girls hangin' out with Aunt Beth. She is the best hostess!

My dear sweet Aunt and Uncle. I adore them.

Cousin Joshua. The family watched his game one night.

My Charlie's Angels.

The green machine was a hit... even though it was blazing outside.

Even for the Big Kids!

Had to throw one landscape picture in! This old barn was across the street form where we stayed.

Cousin David... lots of childhood memories with him. Many of my memories are going to the farm in Indiana and playing with David, Dawn and enjoying Aunt Pat's home cooking!

Cousin Holly.

Cousin Brenda.. Holly's mom.

Uncle Walty is such a ham! This is my mom's only brother and it was his farm we'd go to as kids.

Aunt Pat is a great cook and she made sure I had all my old favorites. Oh if you could have tasted what I tasted!
Cribbage. We enjoyed playing and counting our 15's. The kids even got in on it.

This is Bella. She thinks she's a lap dog. :) She stole my make-up one day and I found it spread down the stairs.
I have so much family in Louisville! We were able to see just a few while there but the kids and T got a sampling of the great family I do have. It only took 19 years of marriage to get there! Louisville is a nice community with beautiful landscaping. We swam at the country club, and T and Gabe golfed with David. We laughed, ate food, played cribbage, got our hair cut (that's another post) and reconnected with my side of the family. It was a great blessing for me. Yeah family!


Smithlings said...

I really enjoyed seeing all of your photos. It looks as if you all had a wonderful time -- despite the heat & humidity. :-)

We are leaving for OK & IN in about 10 days, so I am sure the temps will be cranked up by then... That's the one thing about going back home that I do NOT miss!

I'm eager to see more photos, Tuna!!!!!



Reg said...

These are great pictures. I'm so glad you posted the ones of the family! Makes me want to go for a visit. Welcome home!

blessedmomto7 said...

HOW FUN! Looks like you have a wonderful, fabulous family!

Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

That's great that you were able to visit with your family. Dawn looks the same as ever! I bet she was happy to see you guys. I've had a couple nice visits with your mom here, nice to see her again!
Have fun!