Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jazz, Christian Science, the Homeless, Zombies, and Broncos

How in the world does all this fit together? Well, let me tell you.....

T and I celebrate 21 years of marriage this week but decided to go away early due to the Broncos game. We love the 16th Street Mall area. We park and walk all weekend. No driving allowed. It is a great way to experience the City, eat well, and enjoy the culture. (This is the view from our room right above 16th Street.)

We discovered Jazz at Jack's awhile back and made this one of our stops Friday night after a great dinner with friends.

On Saturday, we left our hotel to go walking and exploring. We stopped in on a Christian Science reading room first. Why? Well, I've never been in one. The lady who was working the place was very open. We were able to ask her some hard questions. Atonement for sin, Who is Jesus? Things like this. We left educated about her beliefs and well... yeah. So then we went walking down to this beautiful structure, looked over the trains, and took a few pictures. On our way back up 16th Street, we saw a man selling a paper called The Voice. We stopped to ask about it and he proceeded to tell us his story. Homeless, married, convicted felon though he served his time over 10 years ago, can't find work because of his record, unstable housing, and child in the system until they find stable housing. All very tragic and all very real. We prayed for him and gave he and his wife lunch.

So theeeen... we saw this area on the side of a building partitioned off with music playing. We wandered on over to see what was happenin' only to find zombies all dressed up and ready to party. After asking few questions, we found out the Zombie Crawl was about to happen. 8000 Zombies walking down 16th Street Mall to break a world record. Okay.. we had to see this! We found a front row seat at a restaurant, got a beer and played cribbage while watching and waiting. Oh my goodness! Here is a speckling of what we saw. Let's just say I will be doing another post just to show you all the different zombies we saw. So stay tuned...

And the weekend ended with going to our first LIVE Broncos game Sunday afternoon. It was a great time away. I love walking and being away with my man. One memorable anniversary!

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Whittaker Woman said...

Looks so fun! Glad you got away! H