Sunday, October 3, 2010

Perry Park Red Rocks

I love this picture. It's such an example of what God does for us. We work and work and He comes along pushing us up the rock, giving us our boost when we need it.

Lina conquered the rock!

Isn't this Awesome!!! Look at the colors and the structure. I kept saying, "wow!"... and "tennis shoes would have been a good idea".

Terrell kept saying ,"You're wearing those?" I was sure they were fine. Little did I know we ere gonna CLIMB the cool rocks. Not the right shoes. Nope. Boo broke hers!

And yes, we saw camels on our way home. Big Gorgeous spread of land and these two cute things. IN Colorado.

My main squeeze. Glad he took us here for lunch.

What a glorious afternoon. It was a perfect time and perfect weather for a picnic. We went offroading and loved it. Best part.. this is only 20 minutes from home. Oh Colorado. What you have to offer.

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