Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some think this..but it's REALLY this...

"You're so organized. How do you do it all?"

That's what I get from so many people when I say I am not organized. They look at me funny and say, " Yes, you are!"

Let's be clear here: I am NOT organized by NATURE.. it is all NURTURE. And because it is all nurture, it's hard and exhausting. Anyone else out there like me?

This, my friend, is my closet. You can see why I keep the doors closed. I like it clean and organized but in the priority of the house, it ranks pretty low.

This, however, is our room. I try realllly hard to keep it clean. I honestly, can't study in a messy house. I can't think in a messy house. I think it's 'cause my mind doesn't think orderly in the first place so I must have order Visibly around me in order to think clearly. And as I get older.. it's getting worse.

This here is my husband's closet. I aspire to keep my closet as orderly as his. He thinks this way though so it is an easy thing for him. I do so love this man. One less thing for me to keep clean and tidy.

This is our family area. Clean. Another spot I need to remain this way for me to think right. Now I have things out and it doesn't stay this way BUT I need it tidy, daily.

This is my pitiful laundry room. Sad. Sad. SAD! I would love for this to be organized. I find I walk away from a mess like this and close the my closet. I can't even start 'cause what I see in my mind that I want cost me time and money. More money than time. I can visualize an organized tidy laundry room but it doesn't have cabinets like this and it has the washer and dryer stacked. So instead.. it just piles up.

So I am organized in some aspects of life. and others..not so much. It requires a whole bunch of mental energy to maintain organization for me.

And And And My bestest organizer around moved off to college. WAAAAAA! I could always count on Becca to come in and fix a mess. She thinks like her daddy.

and finally, my favorite room. Our basement is simple and always always clean. Love it!

There you go. Reality Check complete. I am a messy who works darn hard not to be.


teters4 said...

Great blog post! The difference between your and Terrell's closet is so funny. I could have helped you organize your laundry room while I was there! Why didn't you ask? It's always more fun to do it for someone other than yourself too. Love your house and you have definitely gotten more into "tidy" since we were kids. But I have to admit that I like your messy side too...if that's the side that's should never be so tidy that you get too serious! It's just not youuuuuuuuuu! Love you :)

blessedmomto8 said...

WOW! I think Terrell and The Captain were separated at birth :) He is also clean just like that! AND my closet and laundry look JUST LIKE YOURS but the rest of the house is clean! I also MUST make my bed daily or it drives me BATSO!