Friday, October 8, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY, October 8, 2010

Outside my window.... pine trees, blue blue sky, sun shimmering on the ground, breeze moving the branches.

I am thinking... I can't believe it's October 8th already. I am a little overwhelmed in my mind with how much is coming up and hoping I can keep up. I think daily about moving.. to land, to a neighborhood, to where ever. I think about travelling too. I got this restless spirit about me that never seems to settle in for too long. I think it came from my parents or maybe I just want to experience my bucket list before I can't.

I am thankful for... grocery stores and a husband who shops. I haven't been in Wal-Mart in about a week. Actually, he went to King Sooper for our veggies this week. Let's see..
I am thankful for my first paycheck in 20 years. That was cool but anticlimactic as well. I guess I always figured I would be thrilled and then take the little bit I got and spend it somehow fun. No.. not quite the picture. Maybe someday. :)

From the learning rooms.. I started my New Testament class last night. Lots of homework and not so engaging as I was hoping for. Sad for me. I am in week 6 of my research class and let me just say, I can not wait for it to be over. I love the accelerated schedule for school. I would not want to sit for 16 weeks anymore in one class.

From the kitchen... We are on day 5 of the P90X food plan and semi-exercise program. I say semi cause we also walk and Terrell bikes instead of just the videos that come with the box. I am marking the foods off on our white board everyday; 1 carb, 5 proteins, 1 fat, ect. Lots of works right now trying to figure that all out. I want chocolate.

I am wearing... jeans, a gray sweater, and fuzzy socks.

I am creating... I hate this one but refuse to get rid of it cause someday I will create. So for now I am creating a healthy lifestyle. We always work towards it but having my man do this with me makes it more do-able.

I am reading... Understanding the New Testament, P90X books, Emails, Websites, Facebook, but nothing for pleasure. Come December 18th that all changes.

I am going... to organize my work files this weekend, do some yard work before the snow flies, and for sure, rent a movie for tonight.

I am hoping... for clarity.

I am hearing... Lina sing as she is working on an art project, complain as she works on her art project, and the quiet of a house with a just two of us in it today.

Around the house... pine needles. Everywhere! It's the time of the year that they drop and we need to get out there and bag them up.

A picture worth sharing..

We woke up to snow on Pikes Peak today. It was a beautiful site. Now, if only after living here for almost three years, I could ACTUALLY go up to the top in the cog rail.

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teters4 said...

The snow is so pretty! You are not going to know what to do with yourself after Dec. 18!