Friday, October 1, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY, October 1, 2010

Outside my window.... I see the blanket I washed over a week ago still on the line. I'm thinking it will need another good washing at this point. The sun is speckled on the back yard right now lighting up the leaves here and there.

I am thinking... today is Friday and I only have one class to be accountable to until next week. I'm also thinking I only have a few days until Terrell and I go on the P90X food plan. Oh boy..

I am thankful for... coffee, warm sweats, facebook (keeps me in touch with all of you!), phones, cars, windows that open and windows that shut. You know, cool air in, COLD air out. It's the simple things today.

From the learning rooms.. in class this week we discuss the difference in Deist and Theist. Why would a Deist think God would leave us after doing such a fine work on his creation? I also decided it was time to spice up Lina's schooling. Just doing book work is sooo boring. We went to Hobby Lobby to get a week's (maybe more than a week) worth of hands on stuff. It all applies to our History. Soapstone carving, Dream Catcher, Diorama of a Native American field, a book of animals with Engraving. This should keep her busy.

From the kitchen... my daughters made No Bake cookies TWICE this week. We aren't cooking as much now. I did make a yummy pasta dish from a recipe Joanna gave me. My kitchen is so small it gets messy way too fast. And yes, my fridge talks to me daily. When it stops talking I will know it's time for a new fridge. :)

I am wearing... gray sweats, green fuzzy socks and my hair is up in a pony.

I am creating... order.

I am reading... not much this week. I read my class assignments and work emails but nothing fun. I have a new fall magazine here that I am waiting to dig in with a good cup of coffee!

I am going... to clean, clean, clean, work, help Joanna a little, pick up Boo, take pictures of my husband and daughter after they get gussied up for hte father-daughter dance, and get the Guatemala letters mailed out. Shoo.

I am hoping... for a few more weeks of this glorious weather.

I am hearing... T conduct a meeting from the other room. I like having him home. Sometimes I just go sit on the floor in his office, just because. I also hear my washing machine churn.

Around the house... I see clutter. Just one day of not staying on top of life and my house gets cluttery. Not dirty, just stuff laying around. That will be dealt with momentarily.

A picture worth sharing.. This is ducky. We went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and
Lina got shrink up ducky that grows in water. We're watching him grow and I am trying so hard to understand the science behind it. Any ideas?

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blessedmomto8 said...

I am getting ready to make no bakes RIGHT NOW!! Guess what? we MAY be coming to CO in the next few weeks. Details to come!