Tuesday, May 25, 2010

27 Things About Me...updated version :)

25 Things About Me

1. I don't like mornings very much. I'd rather sleep-in then get out of bed.

2. Coffee, Coke and distilled water are my 3 favorite drinks. Please don't offer me Pepsi.

3. I was born in Kentucky, lived in Arizona, married in California, reside in Colorado.

4. I love to travel. Wish I could go somewhere more often and take my kids with me.

5. I have a dream of being an actress on a sit-com.

6. I've lost some of my hearing.. sure hope I don't lose more.

7. I hate the dark, especially by myself.

8. I have no sense of direction. Isn't everything North?

9. I have a chocolate addiction. Way addicted.

10. I am unorganized but most people think I am organized. I think it's a learned skill. Maybe I can use that on my resume. Hmm.

11. I lived in an apartment my senior year of high school with my sister Reginia.

12. I have 4 kiddos.. wanted 7.

12a. My children are amazing and nothing pleases me more than being their mom.

12b. I've decided my only true talent in life is being a momma.

13. I love red wine and dark chocolate Harry and David truffles together.

14. I've been married 20 years to the same amazing man. We are nothing alike but work well together.

15. I take a bubble bath everynight, except for the summer.

16. I don't like exercise but love hikes and walking. I don't like obesity even more.

17. I've gone to 4 colleges and now I'm finishing my education with Regis University this December. Some things do get easier with age.

18. My dream car was a Red 2 Door Jeep. Promised myself one as a gift for raising 4 kids.
Now I'm not so sure what I want to drive when the nest is empty.

19. I love to dance.

20. I'm getting a tatoo this year in honor of my husband and our 20 years together much to my daughter's dismay. Still working on a design.

21. I don't like shopping. It's no fun if you're on a budget. I'd rather not be sad when I come home.

22. I love learning and wish everyone else did too.

23. I cry over anything and it's never pretty like you see on Hollywood.

24. I want to be a national Christian women's speaker. Encouraging women to love the Lord and honor their husband. I think 23 might get in the way.

24. I love to pray.

25. I love Jesus. There is no other name under heaven I'd serve.

26. My new revalaltion in life is this: God doesn't care where you live, He cares how you live.

27. I really despise being cold more than being hot.

Ok.. your turn. iI you are reading this, you're it!

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