Sunday, May 16, 2010

Becca's Graduation 2010

Aunt Pat and Uncle Walt
The Father-Son pool match. Who Won???

Sweet Kadence and her wonderful mommy

The presenting of the Memories book.

Yummy dinner!
Thruston grandparents and the Kurtz grandparents

Rocky Mountain Christian Academy graduate of 1

Yes! We did it!

Terrell and his baby girl Sweet Pea
The Proud and oh so blessed Momma!

Rebecca Joy.. 2010 Graduate

Well... it's official. Becca is done with high school and ready for college. We celebrated her big day with family and friends. Grandparents, aunties and uncles, friends, neighbors; she was blessed by so many around her on her special day. When you're home-schooled you have the pleasure of doing it your way. Becca loves purple, so purple and black are her school colors. She loves small gatherings as well, so the time of presenting her diploma and the blessing over her was intimate. We took the family out for dinner at a great little Italian place afterwards and gave her a gift I have been working on for over a month. I created a memory book for her full of pictures and letters of encouragement from friends and family all over the place. She got letters from California to Colorado. We finished off the day with more family time at home playing pool and eating more cake. I am so proud of my baby girl and know God has BIG plans for her. Next!


Luke said...

Congratulations! All the best as you step into this next stage of life [smile].


Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

Yay!! Fun times. Congrats again Becca. You look great and looks like you had a great celebration!