Friday, May 14, 2010


My dad taught me how to play Cribbage and so Uncle and I got our game on.. I won!
Me and My Momma :)

Mom, Dad, Uncle Walty and Aunt Pat


Brother-Sister Hug!

Thursday was cleaning, cleaning, removing beds from their original position, thinking, organizing, did I say cleaning??? Gabe left for work after his chores and the girls left at noon for a hair appointment. I was doing last minute wash when I heard the door bell. I was not expecting Mom and Dad for another hour. I opened the door and COULD NOT believe who was standing there! My aunt and uncle from Kentucky! I cried, hugged and was in total shock they drove this far for the weekend and my Becca's Graduation! You have to understand this is the auntie and uncle that I grew up with.. farm, cows, weekend visits, cousin time.. GREAT memories. A few years back he had a stroke and we were really scared. Here he is doing amazing!! I love having them here! Family and more family. Oh yeah!!!!


Kim ~ Kay Kay said... exciting! It's nice to see pictures of them, haven't seen them in years! Your mom and dad look good. Please tell them all I said Hi! Hope that you all have a great time,looks like you already are!
I like your hair to, Tina Marie.
Give Becca a big hug for us!
Love ya!

blessedmomto8 said...

What a WONDERFUL blessing for Becca and your family! Looks like such a wonderful family time!