Monday, May 3, 2010

Our family... Changes Ahead

Well.. change is nothing new for us and with 4 kiddos we get to experience lots of it. Here's the latest run down.. as if you really care. :)

1. Gabe is doing super great. He is looking to move in a big way SOON. We may have a Californian again soon. He is pressing into God and seeking school choices for the fall.

2. Becca is graduating in 12 days. She will head off to the great state of Misery, I mean Missouri this fall for college.

3. Boo is finishing up her sophomore year ASAP and this fall she will be full time at the local junior college getting ahead of the game and saving us bucoo bucks. The program she is with this fall PAYS for her to go to college. Oh yes! Some money saved.

4. Lina is finishing up 5th grade and comin' home! back to the kitchen table for her schooling. Whoo Hoo!

5. Me.. well, me... I graduate with my bachelors in December and have dreams of the BIG BUCKS, but that doesn't seem to be happening so maybe just some bucks.

6. T.. he's working like a crazy man, traveling with work, exercising, and trying to keep me sane. Gotta love him!

There's more but why bore you! This alone is enough to make any mom tired. I know it and I heard it, I'm here to say it's true... one gets very tired being "on" emotionally more than physically at this stage in life. Oh yes... time for some RnR.

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teters4 said...

Hey, you need to call me and fill me in on the "more".