Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Letting Down

May is a little more than half over but for me, it's over. Why? Well let me tell you....

We graduated our daughter on May 15th.
I hosted family for a few days.
I cleaned and re cleaned.
I shopped and re shopped for party supplies, memory book supplies, food, household needs, and then some.
2009-2010 school year is complete, finished, done for my other three kids
Civil War Days is done
CBU college application and discussions for child number 1, done
Mother's Day celebration
My responsibilities with Awana, done
Girls Base Camp every week, done... sorta. We still want to get togehter every so often.
Bi-annual eye appointments for each member of my family, done
Dental appointments for each member of my family, almost done. One child left.
School registration for 2010-2011, done
Filing that was sitting way to long, done

LOTS done! May has been a very busy month! I am feeling myself let down and I keep thinking about the sun and a pool and reading a book. My kids asked about my ideal vacation recently. I told them this: I want to go to a place where I know no one, sit by a pool, listen to kids splash around, drink a Mai Tai, read a book and start all over again the next day. That's where I'm at today.

Back to reality.... I have 3 more weeks of school for myself. The class I am taking is awesome taught by a Rabbi even. How cool is that. I have a garden I hope to plant in soon and a rose my sweet aunt gave me that needs some proper care and a pot to call home. I have a messy house that is calling my name and a gym calling my body.

The letting down part might have to wait.

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