Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My man is an avid cyclist. Road and Mountain. He rides whenever he can and wherever he can. For him it's the best stress reliever and cholesterol controller out there. I can't tell you how many times he's been God protected from weird crazy accidents. Now, don't get me wrong, he's had his fair share of tumbles and falls but always, always, he's been protected. Today was no different. Before he leaves I ask the same question each and every time,"Where are you going?" Riding alone increases risk and one that makes me more anxious with each candle added to his birthday cake. I swore today I was buying him a tracking device for Father's Day. Today he was heading down a BIG hill at the end of his 19 mile ride. Now if I could show you a picture of the hill you'd get the full picture but for now try and see this... two lanes, bushes, trees, fast cars, steep hill, 4o miles per hour on HIS BIKE, and head phones in his ears. He told me that each time he descends this hill he envisions what would happen if the tire went flat. That's a nice picture isn't it? Maybe Aflac accident insurance is another present for him this year. Sooooooo.... he makes it down this hill, gets back to his truck in one piece, rushes home for another infamous work meeting, and as he is putting his bike away, away mind you, he realizes his tire is going flat. No sooner, no later, right then and there. God Moment again! T says over and over again how God protects him and sure enough He does.
I'm still buying a tracking device.... just sayin'.

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