Thursday, May 20, 2010

Let the Planting Begin!

This is my garden space. We mulched for months and added horse poop as well. The soil is full of nutrients and ready for veggies!
These are our potatoes. They are sprouting nicely already. oh yeah! These things are so easy to grow.

This is a rose my Aunt Pat got me. I love LOVE roses! I can't wait to see it get HUGE!

It's FINALLY time to get my garden in the ground. Most people say wait til Memorial Day but I don't want to! This weekend we are gonna be in the 80's so I'm taking advantage of the weather to get those veggies established. I do have to find a way to protect them though from critters and hail. Both will destroy any plants lickity split. Can't wait for sweet tomatoes and squash.

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