Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Mania

Sunshine and warm days... washed him some dirt away.

Kadence Joy...
Tulips for me.. my favorite!

These were the Bomb!

Me and Joanna Beth... two very blessed mommas!

These are the reason I celebrate Mother's Day!

My main squeeze... he blessed me so much today!

Tacky Bob's Fondu! Delicious!

Little man Keaton. Chocolate all around!

Mother's Day in Words...
I had a fabulous day. Just Fab.U. Lous! I wondered how it would go with the rough start... Lina was still sick come 9am. She recovered by noon and was in the mood to party! T and Rob made us some amazing food and dessert while I relaxed with Joanna and enjoyed the sunshine. I never expected such yumminess yesterday! The men way outdid themselves. My sweet man gave me my favorite flowers and my favorite dessert.. chocolate! The kiddos surprised me with a RED purse. So me! I know God knew we needed some sunshine for this happy day and we got it. We even skyped my sister to celebrate with her too. In the middle of all this and the kids playing outside, yes OUTSIDE, our neighbors gave us this really nice weight set. So not only were the men cooking but they were carrying too! Margaritas, Stuffed Mushrooms, Smoked ribs, Red Wine, Chocolate Fondu, Coffee with Baileys... and a GIRL flick in BED! Oh yes.. it was a great day!


whittakerwoman said...

IT was warm for you!!! That was the best present for you! H

klinsfamom said...

Sounds like fun!