Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Packin Up

Sweatshirts. Long sleeves. Sweaters. Wool socks. Flannel Jammies. Tall Boots.

These items are regular attire around here. Modesty is no issue in Colorado. You wake up and throw on sweats, you end your day in flannels. Our closets are packed with two seasons: cold and warm. Unfortunately, there is not the "switching out of seasons" because the minute you do that season decides to come back. Instead you crawl out of bed, open the blind, look outside, decide what to wear, go downstairs, have a cup of coffee, see that you guessed wrong, go BACK upstairs, change and wa laa... start all over again.

Summer's coming, even if only by the name and date on the calendar, IT IS coming soon. In the mean time, my snow shovel is still out.

Reality Check:
Does the weather make you feel better or worse? Yeah, me too. I have no reason to complain really but the forever long months of never ending cold can't go outside cold makes me whine like a 2 year old wanting her toy back. Why is that?

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